Scales for Schools

Are you buying new equipment to replace scales and balances that are still working and want to know what you can do with the old equipment?

Does your company have some scales or balances that you are no longer using and are sitting in storage just taking up space?

Would you like to help promote technology education and higher achievement in the public schools at no cost or little cost to you?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you may be interested in Scales for Schools.

Scales for Schools is an initiative of the ISWM.  Through this website, we have established an easy way for companies to donate used scales and balances, in working condition, to public school systems that are in need of such equipment.

Very simply, if you have a product or products to donate then you can email your list of items to [email protected] along with contact information for your company.  Karen will maintain an updated list on this site.

Teachers and administrators who are searching this website to look for such opportunities will contact you directly if they want your equipment.  You and the interested party will make private arrangements to obtain the items you are offering.  Some companies are willing to pay for the shipping while others will prefer that the school system pays.  You may request a donation receipt for your own purposes.  As soon as you have completed the transaction, let Karen know and she will remove your listing from the website.

We encourage you to participate in this program.  It's a Win/Win opportunity!