Code of Ethics, Effective Date 12-4-2020

As a member of the International Society of Weighing and Measurement, I will, to the best of my ability, abide by the Society Code of Ethics, as it is here set forth: 

  1. Keep utmost in mind the fundamental importance of the weighing and measurement equipment to our way of life.

  2. Endeavor to impress upon all the vitally significant parts to which measurements play in providing the most important aspect of most of the world’s mediums of exchange including real goods and money.

  3. Diligently promote the use of weighing and measurement devices as the most precise means of measurement information.

  4. Conduct myself according to the highest standard of professional ethics in regard to representation of and charges for goods or services rendered, and to thereby reflect credit on my society and our weighing and measurement industry.

  5. Strive diligently at all times to render service in keeping with the best policies of proper weights and measures interpretations.

  6. Take an active interest in existing laws and regulations, in proposed legislation pertaining thereto and to aid in procuring such laws and regulations as are in the best interest of the general public.

  7. Keep abreast of new developments in weighing and measurement equipment and methods, to encourage the procurement of and to recommend the proper usage for equipment, which will affect greater precision and efficiency in weight measurements.

  8. Support the ISWM, its policies and programs, and to participate in local Division activities for the mutual benefit of all its members and clients which it serves.

  9. Endeavor to earn, and to carefully guard, a reputation of good moral character, good citizenship, common honesty, and to support and promote all the uplifting influences of the community.

  10. Strive to raise the standards of efficiency of my associates and myself and to elevate the standing of the weighing and measurement professionals to a position in keeping with the responsibilities of our industry.